EPISODE 15: Peter Pan (1953)

Welcome to the 15th episode of The Castle Vault! In this week’s journey exploring the famed Disney Vault through the Disney Plus streaming service, we sprinkle a little pixie dust and fly … with Peter Pan!

In this episode, we talk about how good Peter Pan COULD be, if it didn’t get in its own way most of the film. The highs were high, but how low were the lows? We’ll discuss it all, of course. Where will it fall in The Hierarchy, though?! We also have all of our fun segments that we do weekly, including an incredible World of Color Brain round!

All this and more in Episode 15 of the Castle Vault!

Stay magical, friends. 

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Show Rundown

  • Intro
  • Housekeeping!
  • Giveaway!
  • Disney Plus check-in
  • The Castle Vault – Peter Pan (1953)
  • Talkin’ Tie-ins
  • The Hierarchy
  • World of Color … Brain
  • Five Fun Facts
  • Tough Trivia Time
  • Emails
  • We Recommend!

Next week we take a look at everyone’s favorite classic dog romantic scene in “Lady and the Tramp”. You know what that means though… It’s time for another CASTLE VAULT COOKING SEGMENT!

We want to see your best Italian food that you can whip up! Whether it be something just like spaghetti & meatballs up to a fancy cuisine. Take a picture and share it and tag us (@TheCastleVault) and use hashtag #CastleVaultCooking. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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